Map Project

Map Project

17″ x 11″ Bond Paper

Adobe Photoshop

Map Write-Up

The idea of this work of art was to portrait an older map used many years ago. In a sense, it is supposed to be a map that was put together quickly, with the pictures added on afterwards by the map maker. This map also represents that of a treasure map; the treasure being the end of our journey. This piece, aside from its physical attributes, shows a few different artistic principles. The one that is quite obvious, at least to me, is the texture of the map. This texture gives it the appearance of an old map or treasure map. The slight staining and rough edges give a sense of aging and transportation (movement). Aside from the texture of this piece, there is a defined value to it as well. The illustrations and the lines stand out from the rest of the stuff; they are more solid and dark, which pop out nicely. Overall, the theme of this piece was to give a treasure map feel to it. It makes people think back to a different time, where things were different. It also lets people think about a whole bunch of shows and historical events in which this map may be relevant in.




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