Point and Line Project

Points and Line Project
 11″ x 17″ Bond Paper, Adobe Photoshop
Points and Line Project 2
   11″ x 17″ Bond Paper, Adobe Photoshop

Metaphor in Nature

The basic idea of this piece of art was to use the nature of an animal, in this case a Hawk, ­ and incorporate that into my own personality. Hawks are the definitive symbol for observation; they have extremely good visual prowess. Humans have used this “power of observation” as a spiritual element more so than physical attributes. Great observation refers to a person’s awareness and or sharpness. Now, I’m not saying I’m the sharpest person around, but I tend to listen to people and I am usually aware of my surroundings. I try to make quick and or rightful actions, depending on the situation. With that said, I guess you could say that I perceive myself as sharp, and a good listener, but that is of course my own mind telling me this; everything relates to what “I” perceive. That has been in our (humans’) lives for many years.

This piece shows the idea of texture, balance, and contrast. The texture of the Hawk and the texture of the rock both have a natural, darker feel to them. This shows that both of them are related in nature, as opposed to one being natural and the other one being say…cartoony. This illustration also presents sharpness; the way the nails are holding the symbol in the rock, and also the way the eye is angled. The brief curve of the top of the eye gives it the sharp, primordial fear to it. The curves of the eye illustrate the difference between that of a human’s and that of an animal’s.

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