“Bad Luck” – Flipbook Animation

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Luc Morrow                                                                                                                       

Bad Luck

         My inspiration for this flipbook animation was none other than Winsor McCay. I liked McCay’s style of animation; solid and fluid lines with not too much detail. With that said, I tried to make this animation as fluid as possible, but I think it’s a little choppy. I got lazy and annoyed having to redraw frames day after day, and I somewhat rushed some of the scenes. At one point during the animation, I had to redraw frames that were the same, but every other frame had different fire effects (Frames 23-31 ). I tried to add a text panel to the frames, but it was too tedious and I could barely see the outline of the text, so I stopped. It only goes for about 4 frames or so, which is way too quick. Overall though, I think I did a decent job on it.

I used a few references for this animation. The one I tried to reference the most was “Felix the Cat: The Magic Bag” (1959). Yes, this film was later than 1935, but I just mainly used it for its transitions and backgrounds. The other films I observed for this animation were all “Felix The Cat” films, since I like those the best. Some of these films include “Whoos Woopee” (1930), “The Stone Age” (1922), “The Non Stop Fright” (1927), and “Oceantis” (1930).

I used the structure of Felix the Cat to make my own character. This character, however, lacks detail. At first, I just started drawing shapes, until I finally pieced something together. The character in this animation doesn’t really move from his original position. The object (meteor) is the main thing that moves in this animation. I did however use classical cartoon reactions for this character. When he saw the meteor coming down, his eyes stretched out pretty far to express his shock and terror. I actually showed a few people his reaction, and they got a kick out of it, so I stuck with it.

My animation, in all honesty, lacks smoothness, because of the fact that my character doesn’t move, but rather the object. However, the reaction and fluidity of his eyes were not too bad (frames 2-6). Also, the meteor was not too bad either, but after a little while, I kind of rushed it. Overall though, I was satisfied with this animation.

With that said, when I redraw and reanimate the flipbook, I am going to try to not rush it as much, and maybe add a little more fluidity. I am still going to stick with the basic plot, but make it a little better in terms of fluidity and accuracy. I am also going to add a little more in the background to make it more enjoyable to watch.


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