Animating Rhythm Project

Luc Morrow

Animating Rhythm

The idea for this animation is to utilize music as the base, and create flowing shapes that try to match the beat of the music. I plan to use triangles to illustrate very sharp spikes in the audio, squares of a few different sizes for certain beats, and circles for parts that fade in and out. Originally, I planned on syncing up the music with the shapes, but now I realize that I can’t do that, so I am going to memorize the beats and try to match them using my head. They will not match perfectly, but they will represent the idea and flow of the music. The segment of the song that I am using has a multitude of sounds and pitches, which will make the animation more interesting.


Link to Music

If you’re interested, here is the song I am going to be using. I will be using 0:14 ­ 0:30 for this animation sequence:

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