Banner Project

Banner Project

2′ x 7″, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator


“Simple, but creative,” “Abstraction in its basic form,” and “Shapes and vectors” all represent the clear meaning of this work. The simple nature of the overall design pops out in a somewhat chaotic form, but still easy enough to focus on individual points. This is achieved also by the abstractivity of the the work as a whole. Lines and vectors are placed in random places, and at different angles, to show creativity and stand out more than other pieces. The foreground stands out more than the background and middle ground, which is usually the point of the foreground.

The artwork in the middle ground and background are not interrupted completely by the rest, which makes them easier to see, while also letting the viewer’s eye travel from object to object.

Overall, this work illustrates abstraction in a more fun and easier fashion. Everything comes together with harmony in one piece.

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