Linear Day Book

book1   book3

The inspiration and meaning to this work of art was my own personality and average day. The covers represent my mood, depending on the time of day. The front cover somewhat interacts with the first page, where as the expression is similar to mine in the morning when I wake up and go to class. The back cover is similar to my personality after I am done with the day or done with a project.

When you look at the pages of the book, you can easily interpret what I’m trying to express. The simple translations have their own meanings as well. They are not just random ones I chose to do. Let’s take some of them as examples. The first page transitions from the eye to food, expressing that I wake up and I am hungry; I can see food in the near future. It is a corny expression, but it is my personality. Now, the second page, despite what it looks like, is quite simple. It is a “plus or minus” sign, which is used in math often. It represents the idea that you can use addition and subtraction in an equation. For the illustration, it is the same. I can either work and eat, or only do one or the other, depending the day and how much work I have.

In the end, this all boils down to my personality merging with my daily life, and I enjoy the illustrations of my life.


(4) 4″ x 6″ Cardboard Cutouts (back of Bristol Paper)

24″ Ruler



Glue (Elmers)

Strathmore Paper


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