Journal #5

flag copy

News Print, Graphite Pencil, Ruler

This work shows contrast between the really dark stripes and the light background. It also shows space, in the sense that the “flag” is lying within the background (floor). Then rough look of the lines in the floor give it the feeling of being warn down slightly, which the floor has been over the years. The shading of the light stripes gives the feeling of depth, because the shading gets less and less as you move from the bottom to the top. This also signifies the angle of the light hitting the piece gently from the right side, where the window was present.

Total Hours: ~130 Hours

Some days I worked late at night and forgot my hours. My schedule doesn’t specify exactly how many in some parts, because I forgot about the times where I came back later at nights for a little while, but I can tell you that I usually do work outside of class every day for many hours, so I think I deserve at least an A-.

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