Gallery Writeup – Visual

Fish 1Fish 2 Fish 3

Art galleries are an enjoyable place to go to if you are into different kinds of art. For me, the gallery at Alfred University was quite interesting, but at the same time was quite weird. Some of the pieces there just jumped out at me as uncomfortable and or inappropriate for non-adults. But, I did find a couple that I thought were interesting and not, in my opinion, too weird for me. The one piece that I liked the most was by Brandon Bellangée: the African Pompano. This piece interested me because it was different amongst the rest. It was simple, but the colors grabbed my attention somehow. The difference in colors made parts of it stand out more than others; the conflicting of the colors drew my eyes towards, as opposed to away from it like you would generally think it would. I really enjoyed the way the spine of the fish was visible through the bluish skin. Also, the whole piece just flows. It sits there in space while showing it move around in that space, as if it could be swimming in any substance or area. Overall, this work of art is comfortable and illustrates nature in a fun and cool way.

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