Chair Project



Watercolor Paper, Pencil, Eraser

This piece of art illustrates the contrast between the light and the dark; dark lines and whitespace. It is an illusion of symmetry and depth, in the aspect that the piece, when drawing it, sends your eyes into slight disarray. Are the lines all the same width? Where do those stripes extend to? Those are the things going on in my mind when I interact with it.

Well, once you finally focus, the piece presents itself in a new way. You no longer are confused or caught up in what’s going on, but instead reflecting on how the piece is possible. What I mean by this is: does it represent a chair, a cloth, or a chair with some time of cloth on it? Well, in terms of the chair I referenced, the chair was originally a tall, angled slightly to the right chair with a long cloth draped over it. But that changed when the chair was knocked down and repositioned way out of place. The cloth over the chair no longer reflected the outline of the chair. It was too steep. It appears as though if you were to sit on it, you would slide off. As for my representation of it, I combined the original chair aspects with the knocked over version. This created a chair that you might be able to sit in, but it is hard to say. The bottom portion of the stripes were mostly improvised, since the chair had moved so much since I started it.

Aside from contrast and depth, this piece illustrates space and perspective. The chair appears to be floating in space; however, the bottom is cut off, giving the feel that the chair is zoomed in on. The perspective is expressed in the frontal, right-sided view of the piece. I drew it from the left side, capturing the slight rightward tilt of the top of it. This helps give the chair a more interesting perspective than something…let’s say…front view.

Overall, i think my sketching – perspective, proportion, and symmetry – increased since last project. The spacing of the stripes, and the angles of the lines and folds, for the most part, are proportionate from one another. Also, I decided to go with a lighter shade, since the stripes on the chair were not dark, but light grey. I wanted to stick with the real look of the chair, and not experiment too far this time. I personally think it looks more natural with lighter stripes, since there are not many things with perfectly black and white lines. Some things are different because of light and age of the material. The handling of the materials could have been a bit better, but I prefer lighter, rougher looks to realistic objects.


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