Gallery Writeup – Foundations

I have not been to many galleries, and I quite frankly never found them interesting; however, I do find some works of art interesting in galleries. The gallery at Alfred University, on the date that I went, didn’t offer too many things that interested me; however, I happened to find three or four that I preferred over the rest of them.

One of the few pieces of art that caught my eye first was Originally Alone, by Erin Rile. This work was a representation of a car during and or after a crash. The realism in the car is fantastic; showing the detail in all of the folds, the broken pieces and features, and the orientation of the car in general. The texture of the artwork is a little different though. My eyes slightly unfocus due to the grainy look that encompasses it; however, that is trivial because you can still see the whole piece and all of its principles. The ones that stand out the most, aside from texture, are contrast and space. The brighter red color of the car seems to somewhat float in space, while still being attached to the ground. What i mean by this is that the object (car) seems to be on the ground, but the rest of the space is hard to tell where. It appears as if there is infinite space around the ground and the car.

Another interesting piece of art that caught my eye – caught it in a different way at first – was Passed Out, by Erin Rile. When I first saw this artwork, I was confused. I was too far away from it; therefore, I moved closer only to find that it was not confusing anymore. It was an abstract image of someone holding a woman. The way the woman was oriented slightly confused me. Was she on a beach; hence the bikini? Was she not awake? I had a few questions, and, in all honesty, still do. It appears that the piece leaves me open to interpretation. I just came to the decision that it takes place on the beach and the woman is just being carried. The overall design of the image was quite similar to the previous one, in the aspect that it has a similar texture and artistic approach. The contrast is slightly different though. To the right side of the image, the man seems to blend in with the background, but as you go left, the background turns black, leaving a heavy difference in color. The woman’s clothes are more vibrant; they stand out more than the other parts of the image.

Aside from these two, I noticed the 3D objects on the table on the other side of the room. I was interested in the piece Pink Coral, by Lauren DiCioccio, for the simple reason that it was just a somewhat simple representation of coral. I always like nature being expressed in the form of art; therefore, I was interested in seeing what the coral was all about. Once I got close to the coral, I realized that it was structured by simple wooden dowels. What impressed me was the fact that the pink around the dowels was actually woven string. Other than that, in all honesty, it wasn’t that special, but it was just something other than 2D traditional art to look at.

This gallery experience wasn’t really that interesting at the time, but none the less, I respect the artists who created some of these pieces. The art that was presented was just not appealing to me is all; therefore, it was hard writing about them. I did however come to a better understanding as to what went into creating such artwork, and I understand the passion behind the work as a whole.





Erin Rile

Originally Alone


wool, cotton



Erin Rile

Passed Out


wool, cotton



Lauren DiCioccio

Pink Coral


Ribbed cotton, threads, wooden dowels

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