Endangered Animal – Fossa

Fossa 2 fossa

This animal is known as the Fossa, otherwise known as Cryptoprocta Ferox. The Fossa are cat-like carnivorous animals with short fur, claws, and long tails, and are closely related to the Mongoose family. They inhabit, as far as we currently know, only one place: the island of Madagascar; the forests. What threatens these animals is the continued deforestation by humans. They are being kicked out of their homes and sometimes killed in the process.

I gave these guys brand new ocular powers. They can sense and see humans and threats from long distances, in an effort to avoid conflict. Another thing that I gave these guys, even though it isn’t illustrated due to it being a natural part of them, is the ability to travel in water. This could be used to move from Madagascar to Southern Africa, or just escape in general.

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