“A City: Construed by Ying and Yang?”

»Intro: I am going to be doing cutout animation for the final project. I will be referencing and researching Berthold Bartosch. The prompt will be handled with pan shots of a city from a couple different views, while also having cutouts interact with each other in both a negative and positive way. One shot will be someone being mugged, while the other will be someone helping somebody else. It will be the good of a city and the bad of a city; ying and yang.

Click here to read more on Bartosch, and to see the animation: 

»Research Paper:

Link to PDF: ResearchPaper



Note that this is just a rough draft and I will most likely change things around. I usually do as I go, so I’m not a heavy planning out person.

Storyboard - Final


»Animation Preview (RAW):

Link: https://vimeo.com/148660735


»Final Animation: 

Watch it here! https://vimeo.com/148733856

For this animation I used a few cutouts and a couple of hand drawn backgrounds in an attempt to make a 25 second long short. The concept behind this animation is a city; a city comprised of good and bad. The scene with the person being mugged is the “bad” side of the city, while the person who helps the other person out is the “good” of the city.


This animation is a little chunky, as I used 2 frames for every movement, which slows the pacing down slightly. This was shot at 15 fps and rendered at 30 fps, giving it overall smoothness when it comes to the actual video. Overall, as a mini critique, this animation is descent, but not as great as it could be. In the future, and with more time and resources (resources being the big one, at least at the time) I will be getting better at animating by hand. Despite the small stuff, I tried to use Barthold Bartosch as a style, while making my own animation; my style and his style combined.


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