Face Mask & Drawing


•Mask Sketch – 11″ x 14″ Bristol Vellum, Charcoal, Pencil                     •Mask – Bristol Vellum, Sharpie, Staples


This mask was originally an experiment and was designed by trial and error. The final result you see now was mostly a result of this, with the exception of the thin black Sharpie lines. Now, the staples on the other hand were originally used just to hold the paper in place to keep the form, but I noticed that the staples had further potential. Professor Constance actually suggested putting the staples in a pattern. This was actually a really nice touch that I took even further; I added them to certain areas to give the mask yet another pattern that stands out to the eye. I decided to go with a black background to contrast the pure white color of the mask. This gives the mask the illusion of floating in space; floating in outer space or just in a void of some kind. The black lines on the mask appear slightly different in tone, so the background doesn’t conflict with it, at least in my opinion.



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