Graphic Painting

24″ x 36″, Tek Paper, Watercolor Paint, Adobe Illustrator


•The basis at which the color flows is somewhat arbitrary, moving from colors of similar value to colors that completely contrast that. The order at which the colors are placed are solely instinctual; no specific thought was used to arrange the different placements and values of the paint used. The basic idea for how the graphic design looks was based on what colors I wanted to use at the time, and where I felt like placing them. Some colors were illustrated in the center of the heptagonal shapes, while some were placed on the outside; a nice, almost equal balance was in mind while doing this. Again, that was all instinctual, and not really thought out; it just happened. With that said, this whole design was brought to fruition simply out of random, instinctual motives. The basic concept was to place a random pattern, this case being a heptagonal pattern in the form of an outline, and to color in what I thought would make the design look appealing. On the other hand, the squares scattered in random points in the design pop out the foreground and background, distinctively separating the layers in the design.

•With color and pattern in mind, if we were to isolate and define them, they would be the tone of a certain space or object in which our eyes translate as a certain frequency. Our eyes just perceive the frequencies as the colors we see before us. As for pattern, a pattern is a shape or object that is repetitive in nature. This gives new meaning to certain aspects of life. A pattern could be a reoccurring theme in ones life, as well as a physical obscurity; therefore, they add meaning to whatever they are intertwined with. An example of this is the pattern in this graphic design above. The pattern, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is a random pattern created for the purpose of having an outline and a hollow middle; however, the roles can be reversed and the outside could be hollow (blank), and the inside could be filled. They have no definite meaning, but they are still repetitive in nature, therefore they are a pattern. In the case of this design, they are broken up patterns with different color values and tones, to give it a somewhat distorted look.

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