Phenakistiscope – Ittoryu (The Way of the Single Sword)

»This animation is supposed to illustrate someone twirling a sword (with its sheath) around in their hands. It is easier to see if focus on the very top portion of the circle, and concentrate on it. You should see the action easier that way.

»Watch the full wheel animation here:

»Just the panels animated:




»This animation is based off a sword technique called Ittoryu, or the way of the sword (single sword). The panels are supposed to represent a person twirling the sword around, crossing hand over hand in a somewhat realistic manor. The way the hands and arms are black contrast the white sword, giving it an easier time to decipher between the object (sword) and the motion of the arms.

The one thing that I learned about this animation, and about motion in general, is that positioning and timing is key to fluidity. Personal, I slightly messed up the timing because I miscalculated the movement of the individual drawings; the poses are too fast. But, overall, I think I got down the actual poses themselves, just not the timing. Overall, motion displays a story, and this story is just a simple movement of a person.


»Self Evaluation:

Over the past few months, I feel that my overall art skills have improved. When I first arrived here, I couldn’t really sketch with confidence and precision, but now I feel that I can precisely and effectively sketch using more professional methods such as grids, preliminary sketch, proportions, etc. Aside from more precise sketching, I also improved on my shading and tones. I actually never learned how to shade until I got here. I am still not great at it, but I have been improving; my work is starting to have more contrast and depth. My overall artistic skill has improved a good deal. I hope to keep improving in the near future.


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