Journal #1 – Figure & Motion

The human body is very simple on the outside, but very complicated on the inside. I barely know too much about the different muscles or bones, but I do know how it all works: nerves to muscles, which move the bones, etc. I would like to get a better grasp on how that all works to hopefully benefit how I create a story or how I draw a figure. I watch and read anime, which gives you a somewhat idea of how the body works in motion, but anime tends to take that to the extreme with super strength, speed, and sometimes even basic physics. Personally I love that kind of thing; however, it is obviously not realistic in terms of the human body. The movement and motion of certain tasks are definitely possible, but just not as extreme.
I really like japanese manga artists and their storylines. One of my personal favorites is Eiichiro Oda, the creator of one of the longest running manga/anime: One Piece. I hope to be able to do the same as him one day and be able to make characters and express certain motions, emotions, and basic human tasks; increase my overall skill in character and story creation.

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