-Wire Interpretation of Blind Drawing-

C1 C2


Caricature 2 copy           Caricature copy


-Understanding Comics (Notes)-

  • A comic is a sequential art form
  • Abstract reflections of “realistic” faces
    • Cartoonic is a form of focus. We tend to focus on certain details, as opposed to eliminating details.
  • Humans tend to compare images and details to themselves. An example of this is a bulls-eye. We sometimes see that shape as a resemblance to a human eye (Page 32-33)
  • We extend identities into objects
  • Characters are drawn in different styles to effect how the reader views them (Page 44).

What I found myself thinking while reading the first two chapters of this book was that it likes to focus mostly on the in-depth development of characters, and the human instinct to create something based on our own selves and experiences.

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