Crux Bot


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Crux Bots

Ever wonder if drones are used for advanced tasks in the human world? Well, they generally are. But, how many of these robots have a large variety of tasks in such a versatile manor? I don’t personally know the answer to that, nor do I care. Crux Bots can do some of the toughest tasks around. Basically, these mid-sized robots can roll around at high speeds, breech walls, pull heavy objects, and do general militant tasks. Of course, with that said, these guys are generally made for mostly enforcement situations.


What is a Robot?


What is a robot? Is a robot a humanoid creation you see in the fantasy realm? Is it a machine used for a certain task in the human world? Well, robots have been perceived in many different ways, including that which is mentioned in the above statements. But, robots are not limited to what we currently have on Earth; in the present. Many people often fantasize and imagine robots in many different forms, whether they’re the classic Terminator robots that mimic human movements, or the robots that roll around on treads doing certain tasks, or even the giant fighting robots that are controlled by somebody inside of them. Robots come in all shapes and sizes; fantasy and reality alike.


Artist Statement


The robot above is a classic example of modular design, the human imagination subconsciously mixing previously fabricated designs to form a new, unique design. The sides of this robot, at first, were none other than simple pyramid shapes that were later oriented into objects that replicate wheels. This gives the robot an overall symmetrical feel to it, which is generally common in machines and robots. With symmetry also comes balance, in this case. The wheels show a sense of balance in the aspect that the shapes that make up the overall design are equally distributed to form a circle-like shape. The overall design of this robot essentially expresses movement; the shape of the robot’s entirety gives the impression that it moves (rolls), in which case it does.




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