Silhouette V1Sillouette (FINAL ONE V2)

Created by:

  • Luc Morrow
  • Miles Mathews

Conflict seems to be an inevitable quality of mankind. No matter how trusting one can seem to be, there may come a time when that trust is but false hope. The two above leaders battled over territory, and they seem to be coming to a resolution after the fall of their own people, but secretly they plan to take one another out.


2nd Silhouette Below:

Silhouette V2


Created By:

  • Luc Morrow
  • Miles Matthews
  • Andrew Scelta

What seems to be the reasoning behind the man being dragged out of the room, away from the table? Did he lose his money in a bet or poker game? Did he get swindled by the man sitting to the right? That is mainly for the viewer to interpret; however, if you want one solid answer to these questions – the basic idea we had behind it – the man was playing a poker tournament and lost, then he was removed away from the table due to his bitterness from losing his money.

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