Journal 7 – Figure and Motion

For this journal, I decided to post a few of my sketches and ideas for the comic project. I am doing a manga style format, utilizing the creation story of Japan. The scene from this story is the scene where Izanagi is looking for Izanami in the underworld. In this scene, Izanagi finds Izanami, but Izanami is partially decayed from being in the underworld for a little while. Discusted by her appearence, she yells at Izanagi to get out, and out of her wounds/flesh comes a god of thunder to force Izanagi out of the underworld.

(Not final versions, just ideas. And these sketches are done in a manga style similar to Tite Kubo, mixed with my own style, hence the shading.)

J1(2) J2

Izanami J4

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