Marionette – “Ascendancy”

Since the beginning of creation, the existence of universal forces has been a major phenomenon in human existence. What exactly are these forces? Where do they come from? Is our fate as a species controlled by the nature of these forces? These questions have surfaced time and time again. “Time.” Time itself is a portion of the many phenomena of the universe. Time is perceived as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future. Time is a factitious realm that we as a species conceived of as way to comfort our way of life. In that sense, you can argue that the hands of time control how we, and the universe as a whole, live. In the case of this marionette, the hand is the overseeing being of time and space.












This marionette is comprised of basic non-digital 3D modeling and design. It is represented in the 3rd dimension to give it more life and freedom of movement. It is not bound to the limitations of a two dimensional work of art. In a general sense, the way in which you can interact with this three dimensional piece is far more than what you can do with a two dimensional dualistic version. This helps us as a whole better understand how our own world works, as well as how art is rendered in multiple lights.


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