The feeling in which the pose in the portrait is expressing, is a rather curious and/or unsure state of mind. I wanted to convey the idea that I am usually in a state of thinking, whether it’d be thinking about what to do, or what to say. With that in mind, the reference in which I used for this project was not heavily contrasted black and white, but rather different tones of gray. But, just having the whole piece gray would be a little weird for the eye to adjust to, and quite frankly, may not be appealing. So shading the shirt, the hair, and some of the shadows dark black helped separate and pop out the piece.

With that said, this was more of an experimental project than a masterpiece, in my opinion. I went in not fully comfortable and knowledgable of how to use charcoal and where to make it shine. That, mixed with trial and error over some of the facial features, lowered the overall quality of the portrait, but didn’t stray away from the style I wanted. I wanted a gray, rougher texture to the portrait, since my reference image had the static-like appearance to it. Despite the many difficulties, this whole experience made me understand charcoal’s properties better, while also testing my patience as an artist. I am generally not the type of person to shade over and over again, trying to perfect something, but this taught me to push myself farther in the future.

1 copy

(Quality Scaled Down)

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