BFA Exhibition (2016)



This sculpture expresses the idea of point, line, and plain in an almost literal sense. Each line connects at a point, creating plains on each intersection. The number of intersections is quite large, however, they are separated into sections.


The repeated pieces of this sculpture come together to form a pattern, a quite simple, yet…pleasing pattern at that. The similar value in the colors of the piecesĀ gives the sculpture a more natural feel to it, via the darker, naturalistic colors.

5 6

These little pieces of this sculpture seem to have a motion to them. It almost seems as if they are in the act of spreading out or exploding outward.

7 8

This sculpture expresses primarily simple colors to relate the feeling of a playground, where you can interact with structures similar to this with bright, simple colors.

9 10

This, almost, naturalistic sculpture shows a sense a volume, not just as a whole, but rather the individual stems. You can clearly, from all angles, see the 3D curve of the cylindrical nature of the stems.

11 12

This sculpture is pieced together using modular design as its basis. The overall pattern of it is represented by hexagonal-like holes that make up it’s entire structure, which protrudes from the wall.

13 14

This sculpture, which is canvased on a wood panel hanging from the ceiling, uses mixed media. The images in the sculpture are painted onto the canvas, which, like stated above, is on a wood panel.


This low relief sculpture, with it’s simple basic colors, holds a texture to it that is almost very smooth, represented by little divots on the panel and on the flowers.

16 17

This sculpture of a duck was quite different from the rest of the sculptures, in the sense that it was quite normal conceptually. It is just a figurative sculpture for all to see when they walk into the room.

18 19

This ceramic sculpture of flowers expresses scale change via the flowers on top of the stems. The stem is shown as a sturdy, thick, and tall, while the flowers on top seem to be smaller.

20 21

This mechanical sculpture expresses movement and rhythm in a quite literal sense. When you spin the wheel on top, the bottom wheel and wooden arm also start to move and spin. The way in which the the sculpture moves shows rhythm, as it repeats the pattern.

22 23

This sculpture, no matter which way you view it from, seems to express some kind of movement. The way the bricks seem to turn as they go up represents an almost turning movement to it. The black sheet over it seems to cut off your view of the top, so your mind can picture it continuing to move and twist.

24 25

This set of sculptures is a representation of the conceptual idea that the artist had. It is purely conceptual and relates to the artist’s imagination/invention.

26 26(2) 26(3) 27 28

This sculpture is interesting because it expresses a clear idea of space and form. The tree surrounds the person into a confined space, reflecting her emotions and inner qualities, some of which may be hidden within her.

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