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Audio Visual Project

  This video is a camera based interactive program made in Processing. I used a color tracking method that captures a certain color (the average of that color) and allow the main object(s) to move with the selected colored objects … Continue reading

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Ronald Pellegrino Presentation

More Slides and Videos Below:

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Peer Critique

Overall, this animation is pretty fluent and flows well. The animation expresses anticipation in its movement, giving the feel that it is going to stumble backwards and fall. Also, the staging of this animation was done thoroughly and you can … Continue reading

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Sitting Down Animation

This is my final version of Norman sitting down. The intent was that of a semi-nervous Norman sitting on a couch, or, in this case, a small cushion-looking object.

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Sound Psycho 100 (V2)

This is the new version of the original “Sound Psycho 100” that I did previously. I experimented with more loops and designs to try to create a cleaner feel to the piece. It shows a more sound theme to it … Continue reading

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Sound Psycho 100

This is a sound coding experiment in Processing. The inspiration for this¬†experiment is Mob Psycho 100, an animated series by the studio Madhouse. This series uses vibrant and, debatably, trippy colors during its opening and somewhat throughout the episodes. It … Continue reading

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