Peer Critique

Overall, this animation is pretty fluent and flows well. The animation expresses anticipation in its movement, giving the feel that it is going to stumble backwards and fall. Also, the staging of this animation was done thoroughly and you can feel the happy, fun mood of the character. The exaggerated expressions in which the character sits down is quite different and almost fun; however, one of the things that stands out the most is the fact that the model is interrupted by an invisible force before it hits the back of the chair. Now, I am guessing that the intent of that was for the model to collide with the chair and stop, but the chair in the animation is too far back and/or too large, thus the model stops before it hits and throws it off a little. Aside from that, the follow through motion is there, but it almost seems like it happens a little too fast. Maybe that is on purpose though, not too sure; however, I think it can be a little slower. Maybe space out the frames a little more to slow it down. Other than that, this animation seems to be relatively interesting and it expresses a silly or fun feel to it.

(Links to creator’s work below)



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