“Reciprocal” presentation


The idea behind my project is that of something similar to artist Camille Utterback’s “Text Rain” from 1999. The concept behind “Reciprocal” is that of basic human interaction in the art world. There are various objects placed on the screen around the person’s body. The idea is that the person who is on the screen can interact and move the objects around.


The libraries and techniques in which I am using are thresholds via Blob Detection and a basic collision algorithm. This allows the program to detect your body, which will be a darker threshold then the rest of the screen, and will let it interact with objects on the screen.



External Measures is an interactive design piece in which the viewer moves and distorts the painting on screen. It is also referred to as a kinetic painting that changes and moves with the viewer.


Entangled is another interactive work of art in which two viewers stand behind screens located right across from one another. When one moves and creates distortion and forms to appear, it appears on the other person’s screen, and visa versa. This creates forms using more than one person’s interaction.



Camille used a system that rains text down on a light threshold; however, when the letters interact with a dark threshold, the user(s), the letters start to rise back up. This constant falling and rising action gives the illusion of catching the letters on the body or surface.



Link to video:



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