All 3D Animation Projects (3rd Semester)

This is all of my maya in class animations from over the 3rd semester:

1 – Bouncing Ball

  • Critique Notes
    • Too sudden drop on arc 1
    • Arc 1 too sharp of arc (delete a frame)
    • No freezing at top of arcs (remove a frame)
    • Arc 2 too low


2 – Walk Cycle

Critique Notes

  • Stride longer
  • Rotate hips forward and back
  • Hands too dead
  • Head should counter chest movement to stay straight
  • Torso should be slightly ahead; match foot extend to maintain balance. Butt too far back, which is unrealistic


3 – Norman Sit Down

Critique Notes

  • Head too rotated
  • Right (left on screen) arm slightly far out; not to big of a deal
  • Rotate wrist slightly more inward; slightly too far bent
  • Extra wobble in left (right on screen) arm; easy fix
  • Knees toward end could slightly move to add to the overall animation


4 – Pacing Animation

Critique Notes

  • Overlap on arms
  • Use clavicles more
  • More starting action; hip makes torso engage, etc…
  • More ease in and ease out
  • Need a slight hold on arms before brought back down
  • Maybe spread fingers for better reaction
  • Squash too soon on turn-around (higher up instead)
  • Squash after foot contacts as oppose to right before
  • Spacing on arms near turn-around; maybe bring arms down faster as well
  • Torso shift on turn-around should be more weight bearing
  • High and low on squash and stretch after turn-around


5 – Push, Pull, Lift w/No Hands

Critique Notes

  • Clavicle at end needs to move less (too long – spacing)
  • Fingers could be used slightly
  • Frame 21 – 41 (head and neck kinda stuck)
  • Add emotion to the face
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