Ivy Stevens-Gupta Gallery

16710576_1243043525785559_797620039_o twighlight16732101_1243046055785306_1404535246_o gender_bender

On Thursday, February 9th, 2017, Ivy Stevens-Gupta presented a lecture on the idea of color theory and how color can affect our perceptions in the real world, as well as in the art world. Her talk about the different qualities of color, as well as what some of them are used for, whether in the business world or just in day-to-day life. After her presentation, I observed a few of her paintings in the Hinkle library on Alfred State campus. Two of her paintings that stood out to me and reflected her presentation were the two above: “Gender Bender” and “Twilight.”

Out of the two paintings that grabbed my eye, her painting “Twilight” grabbed me the most. In this painting, Ivy used a variety of cool, darker colors that appear to fade back into the space. The use of a very little bit of warm colors toward the bottom right of the painting, near the horizon, complement the space as a whole, giving the impression that there is a little bit of light piercing through the ever so darkening sky.

As for the other painting that grabbed my attention, “Gender Bender,” Ivy used a variety of cool colors mixed with a variety of warm colors that contrast each other, and pop the geometric shapes (circles) off of the background, as well as form a layering effect within one another. Her use of monochromatic and triadic colors in this painting help draw the attention of your eye each of the circles and strokes in the painting. This idea is so prominent in this piece that it was the first work of art to instantly grab my attention across the room.

Her artwork, as well as her presentation on color theory, have introduced me to new realms of the graphic world. She brought to my attention that each color has it’s own characteristics and qualities that can be used in the art world to grab people’s attention, reflect an idea or feeling, or to even use in business practices. An example of this is the color blue, which, in certain studies, has been shown to be a color of strength and loyalty. This can help me in future graphic art work and prepare me for the business world, if that is a direction to take or that could help me achieve higher.


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