Peer Critique – Advanced 3D Animation: Thomas Casterline

The animation below was created by my peer Thomas Casterline using the “Morpheus” rig in Maya. Throughout this animation, the character seems to be fairly fluent and slightly exaggerated. There is the use of slow in and slow out throughout the animation; however, where my eyes are drawn to the most are the movements of the arms. There is a clear feel of human movement and emotion using the subtle movements of our body. Around three seconds into the animation, there is clear anticipation shown. Right before the character’s arm swings up and down, suggesting a “yeah ok, whatever” type of expression, the character’s facial expression changes a few frames before he starts to turn his body around. To follow that action through, the body turns around a few frames after the change in facial expressions, giving a smoother, more realistic feel to the emotion conveyed, as people in the real world tend to have brief delays between different actions. Things don’t always happen in at exactly the same time.

The few things that I would suggest to make this animation slightly more fluent, however, would be to adjust the spacing between a few of the arm frames, most specifically, the left arm because that is where most of the focus tends to be. It almost appears to jump really quickly, which is a good thing for a fast, realistic movement; however, it may be slightly too fast. A slight moving back of a frame, or even adding another frame in between the major arm swings would make the arm appear to be less snappy. Other than that, this animation is well done, and it overall definitely conveys the emotion prompted.

Thomas Casterline’s WordPress and Animation:

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