Nerve Impulses (Gallery Writeup)

On April 17th, 2017, at Alfred University, I attended the Nerve Impulse gallery by Yuanyuan Zhang. This gallery consisted of a few small sculptures; however, it focussed mostly on electronic and virtual works, such as the one above, which grabbed my interest as soon as I walked into the room. This untitled piece displayed about 4-5 TV monitors arranged at different heights, in a line. Each monitor was playing a different digital animation that had narrative points in what seemed to be a story. It starts off with a virtual silhouetted girl laying down and talking, then transitions to what seemed to be a very bright and vibrant cave-like scene where the audience’s point of view (1st person) flies through it.

Overall, all of the works in the gallery seemed to reflect what we do in this major. The works in there were mostly experimental pieces that captured the audience and subjected them to a different world. My goal as a DMA major student is to use similar principles to achieve more. Thinking outside the lines and adding new, creative concepts to the art world could open up doors to different movements in a culture or society, as well as open up doors for business opportunities, which, like I mentioned, could ultimately affect the society in some way.

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