Ivy Stevens-Gupta Gallery

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Horse Chair


This is the finished model of a chair with horse legs in Maya 2016. The idea is to rig the legs and animate the chair moving.

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Travel Website Design


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Adobe Xd Tutorial

This is a practice website done via the Adobe Experience Design tutorial page:


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All 3D Animation Projects (3rd Semester)

This is all of my maya in class animations from over the 3rd semester:

1 – Bouncing Ball

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“Core Sample” Workshop Gallery

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Lyric Flow

For many centuries, the human race has undergone many negative social changes and affiliations. People fight battles they don’t believe in, they are greedy, they degrade others, and they tend to take and take without a thought of giving. This is a short digital interactive project that allows you to be encompassed by words. These words are from the song “Lost” by Avenged Sevenfold, and they slowly move with your body and arrange to form some of the lyrics to the song: “Centuries pass and still the same. War in our blood, some things never change. Fighting for land and personal gain…”

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